Public Appearances

David Out & About

"Becoming a Professional Writer" - Writer's Night at Baily H. Dunlap Memorial Library (April 9, 2019, from 5P to 7P)

Local writers will speak about their experiences as writers and to the type of writing they do: poetry, novelist, etc. Established and aspiring writers will be in attendance.

"Oh Snap Poetry" Open Mic Night at Baily H. Dunlap Memorial Library (April 11, 2019, from 5P to 7P)

David will be attending this "cafe-style" event and read some of his poetry along with other local writers. This will be David's first "poetry slam" so he is absolutely excited...and terrified (LOL).

"Poetry Night" Harlingen Public Library (April 16, 2019, from 6P to 7:30P)

David will read some of his poetry along with other local poets in the spirit of sharing and art. Hosted by the Valley Byliners and the Harlingen Public Library. 

Valley International Poetry Fest College/University Readings, Poetry Slam at Brick Fire Pizza & Inferno Patio Bar (704 E Griffin Pkwy, Mission, TX) from 7P to 10P CST.

On the 2nd night of the VIPF, David will do poetry readings at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley and South Texas College. The VIPF Poetry Slam shortly ensues afterward. 

TL;DR Press's Open Mic Launch Party on Discord for Shades of Pride - June 9,2019 at 2PM CST.

TL;DR Press will be hosting an Open Mic Launch Party on Discord. This will be a chance for us to interact with our writing community and share some of the pieces in celebration of the Press' launch of its GLBTQIA2+ anthology Shades of Pride. 

David Estringel will "hit the mic" and perform a live reading of his poem "Coffeehouse Romance".

Queer Open Mic @ Carlotta Cultural Centere (Brownsville, TX) - June 18, 2019, at 7 PM CST.

RGV Open Mic provides a platform for expression for Trans, NonBinary and Gender Non-Conforming LATINX poets, comedians, singers, musicians, contortionists, dancers, and artists.

RGV Titan Radio "The Human Condition" (Edinburg, TX) - July 3, 2019, at 8 PM CST.

“The Human Condition” on RGV Titan Radio, based in Edinburg, TX, airs every Wednesday night at 8 pm, where they feature and interview local poets, writers, philosophers, and artists! 

David Estringel will read one of his newer poems, "little deaths", talk about process and philosophy, and just generally shoot the shit.

Summer Lunada Readings @ Luna Coffeehouse (McAllen, TX) - September 24, 2019 at 7 PM CST.

In one of a series of summer events, Local RGV poets and musicians will perform at Luna Coffeehouse in McAllen, TX on September 24, 2019, from 7 pm to 9pm. David Estringel read "life in/verse" from his book Indelible Fingerprints and one of his newer poems, "little deaths". 

100K Poets For Change RGV 2019 @ Luna Coffeehouse (McAllen, TX) - September 28, 2019, at 7 PM CST.

Artists and writers from the Rio Grande Valley of deep S. Texas will once again be part of the global chain of events linking us together with compatriots across the world to shine the light on local problems and situations--in this case mental health. The event, 100 Thousand Poets For Change, will take place on Sat., Sept. 28 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Luna Coffee House (113 W. Nolana Ave.) The event will be free, but donations will be accepted by participating organizations.

This year's focus for the RGV will be on mental health awareness. Readers, musicians, poets, and other speakers will be signing up to present their message of hope and healing to those dealing with mental health issues and to bring to light problems, injustices, and solutions to the issue of mental health in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.

Synkroniciti Soiree (virtual reading - June 25, 2022, at 6 PM CST.

Synkroniciti Soiree (hosted courtesy of Synkroniciti Magazine) is a free, online reading series run through Zoom that connects readers and writers across the world. Readings take place monthly. Readings start at 6 PM CST.

David Estringel will read for up to 20 minutes (maybe more). Featured poems include "Fireflies," "Dandelion Wine," "The Yawning Grave," and "The Healing Clock."

Poets in Pajamas @ Facebook (virtual reading - July 3, 2022, at 6 PM CST.

Poets in Pajamas (hosted courtesy of Sundress Publications) is a free, online reading series run through Facebook Live that connects readers and writers across the world from the comfort of their own pajamas. Readings take place twice per month at 6 PM CST and can be found on PIP's Facebook page.

David Estringel will read for about 15 minutes, then answer questions from the audience for around ten. Featured poems include "Boy with a Box Full of Wasps," "Dandelion Wine," "Frozen Charlotte," and more.