Apart from appearing in various literary magazines and journals, David A. Estringel's work has also been anthologized. Take a look where you can find his words!

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Cherry House Press - Poem "AI! AI! AI! (A Tartarus for Youth)" - publication July 2019, print [reprint].

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Briars Lit - Volume II

Briars Lit - Poem "The Spaces in Between" published January 2019, online.

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The Alien Buddha's House of Horrors

Alien Buddha Press - Poem "AI! AI! AI! (A Tartarus for Youth)" April 2019, print [reprint]

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Psalms of the Alien Buddha

Alien Buddha Press - Poem "Nothing Lasts" [reprint] and "Grounding" - publication May 2019 publication, print

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DADDY: A Cultural Anthology

Grey Borders Books - Poem "When I Think of Him, I Think of Black Coffee and Toast with Red Plum Jam" scheduled for 2020 publication, print [reprint]

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Shades of Pride

TL;DR Press - Poem "Coffeehouse Romance" June 2019, print [reprint]

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One Last Poem

ICOE Press - Poem "Kiss Me, Again, Again, and Again" - publication October 2019, print [reprint]

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 Texas's Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology

Z Publishing - Poem "Storms" - publication July 2019, print [reprint]

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 Poetica: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Poetry Anthology 2019

Clarendon House Publications - Poem "AI! AI! AI! (A Tartarus for Youth)" - publication August 2019, print [reprint]

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 Nocturne - Poetry of the Night: Culture Cult Anthology 

CultureCult Press - Poems "Nothing Lasts" and "Fireflies" - published September 2019, print [reprint]

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 Land & Terrain: An International Anthology

LATINanthology (for "Land & Territory: An International Anthology 2019) - Two poems, including "Burn" and "Digging for Lost Temples" -  December 2019, print [reprints]

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No Sin Anthology

Alien Buddha Press - Includes poem "Coda-Switch" - publication November 2019 [reprint]

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MAELSTROM: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Literary Anthology 2019

Clarendon House Publications - includes short story "Roadkill" - publication scheduled for late November 2019 [reprint]

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Beneath Strange Stars: A SciFi & Fantasy Anthology

TL;DR Press - Includes poem "Nothing Lasts" January 2020 [reprint]

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Bloodlet: Anthology of Violent Fictions

Culture Cult Press - Includes short story "Roadkill" - August 2020[reprint]

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The Ink Pods "Gift" Audio Anthology - Issue #2

The Blue Nib - Includes poem "Burn" December 2019 [reprint]

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Messages From the Dark Side

Delilah Charmer (independent publisher) - Includes poem "AI! AI! AI! (A Tartarus for Youth)" - publication scheduled for 2020 [reprint]

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Impspired Magazine - Volume One

Impspired Magazine - Includes poem "Smooth Whiskey" - published January 2020, print [reprint]

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Puro ChicanX Writers of the 21st Century

Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts/The Black Earth Institute - Includes short story "When Blood Wants Blood" - published March 2020 [reprint]

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Impspired Magazine - Volume Five

Impspired Magazine - Includes poems "little deaths" and "Duende" - published April 2021, print [reprint]

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Noises from the Isle

DREICH - Includes poems "Nothing Lasts" - scheduled for July 2021


Mental Health + the Supernatural

Beyond the Veil Press- Includes poems "The Yawning Grave" - scheduled for November 2021 publication

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Impspired Magazine (7th Edition)

Impspired Magazine- Includes poems "Dandelion Wine," "Sepscendence," and "Fireflies" - scheduled for January 2022 publication

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Voices from the Fire (6th Edition)

Dumpster Fire Press - Includes poems "Red Berries," "Medicine," "Tabula Rasa," and "Golden Calves" - scheduled for January 2022 publication

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More anthologies to come...hopefully.

Cherry House Press - Poem "AI! AI! AI! (A Tartarus for Youth)" is scheduled for publication end of March 2019, print.

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