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A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

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Latest News

1/15/19 - Poem "Smooth Whiskey" published today at Cephalopress!

1/14/19 - Short story "Windows" accepted for reprint on 1/29/2019 at Tulip Tree Publishing for "Story of the Week"

1/14/19 - Poems "Blue Room," "Old Filament, Broken Bulb,"Blue Sky through Bare Branches," "Kiss Me, Again, Again, and Again," and "And the Beat Goes On," will be featured on "Sunflower Sutras" podcast February/March 2019.

1/14/19 - Short story "Roadkill" published today at Soft Cartel previously published at Expat Press).

1/14/19 - Poems "Blue Sky through Bare Branches" and "life in/verse" to be reprinted by Printed Words in Spring 2019.

1/13/19 - "Going Grey with David Estringel" column's "Living Life, Dangerously" published at The Good Men Project.

1/13/19 - Poem "lights are on but no one is home" and short-prose piece "Windows" will be reprinted at The Elixir Magazine February 2019.

1/12/19 - NEW poems "In the Ether" and "Only Cats Walk Fences" just accepted by Subterranean Blue Poetry! Publication date TBD.

1/11/19 - "Part I" of "Interviewed Poets - David Estringel" out at poetry mini interviews. (Five more parts published, consecutively, over the next five weeks).

1/5/19 - Poem "AI! AI! AI! (A Tartarus for Youth)" will appear in Cherry House Press' "Dreams" anthology end of March 2019. 

1/14/19 - Poem "Olokun" accepted for reprint at Salt Water Soul for their second biannual edition (March/April 2019).

1/1/19 - Poem "Nothing Lasts" will be published at Twist in Time March 2019.

Other Gigs

Teaching Assistant for the Writing and Language Studies Program at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

Contributing Editor (Fiction) at Red Fez.

Editor and writer at The Elixir Magazine.

Columnist (Going Grey with David Estringel) and editor at The Good Men Project.

Latest Awards 

Short story "Windows" accepted for reprint on 1/29/2019 at Tulip Tree Publishing for "Story of the Week"

David has a few poetry and chapbook contest entries under consideration. Check back for updates!

Current Projects

David is continually working on new material for his first book of poetry The Spaces in Between. He aims to have a book-length collection by the end of 2019.

David is currently working on getting his first chapbook of poetry published in 2019. Currently, he has three manuscripts out under review: Indelible Fingerprints, Civil Wars, and life in/verse

David is currently working on new prose and verse (depending on the mood of his muse, of course) for publication in 2019.

David continues to work with Red Fez, The Elixir Magazine, and The Good Men Project in various writing and/or editing capacities. He hopes to add Digging through the Fat / Digging Press to the list in 2019.

Most Recent Acceptances / Publications

Cajun Mutt Press - "Just Another Day" (scheduled for 5/1/2019)

Cajun Mutt Press - "Coffeehouse Romance" (scheduled for 4/12/2019)

Salt Water Soul - "Olokun" (scheduled for March/April 2019)

Cajun Mutt Press - "Storms" (scheduled for 3/20/2019)

Cherry House Press - "AI! AI! AI!..." (reprint scheduled for end of 3/2019)

Sunflower Sutras (podcast) - "Blue Room," "Old Filament, Broken Bulb," "Blue Sky through Bare Branches," "Kiss Me, Again, Again, and Again," and "And the Beat Goes On," scheduled for February/March 2019 (tentative)

Twist in Time - "Nothing Lasts" (reprint scheduled for 3/1/2019)

The Elixir - "A Dog's Life for Me" (reprint scheduled for 3/2019)

Cephalopress - "Killers" (scheduled for 2/15/2019)

The Elixir - "Windows" (reprint scheduled for 2/2/19)

The Elixir - "the lights are on but no one is home" (reprint for 2/2/19)

The Elixir - "Olokun" (reprint scheduled 2/2/2019)

Tulip Tree Publishing "Story of the Week" - "Windows" (reprint scheduled for 1/29/2019)

Cephalopress - "Smooth Whiskey" (scheduled for 1/15/2019)

Writ in Dust - "Sucking the Marrow" (scheduled for publication 1/15/2019)

Soft Cartel - "Roadkill" (published 1/14/2019)

Briars Lit - "The Spaces in Between" (reprint scheduled for January 11, 2019)

poetry mini-interviews - "Interviewed Poets" ("Part I" published 1/11/2019)

The Ugly Writers - "Epiphanies" (scheduled for 1/8/2019)

The Ugly Writers - "Solace #2" (scheduled for 1/7/2019)

Merak Magazine - "Blue Sky through Bare Branches" (reprint published 1/3/2019)

Paper Trains Journal - "Poetica" (scheduled for 1/2019)